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Updated: July 11, 2007 3:25 PM

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About the Project

The Engineering Technology Pathways project is contributing to the field of Technology Education nation-wide. The ETP project provides a model for distance delivery of a standards-based technology education curriculum. The ETP project provides professional development for a 'cohort' of instructors in gaining knowledge, theory, research and pedagogical methods. The standards-based technology education curriculum implements a proven researched-based model utilizing Understanding by Design.

The work of this grant is significantly influencing the format and distance delivery of the Technology Education Masters Degree program through Valley City State University. The development of student-ready materials as part of each course and the posting of these materials within an online standards-based database is significant. Many secondary instructors throughout the nation are struggling with standards-based curriculum design; these courses and the deliverables are serving as a model for others. The ETP initiative is accelerating the process of moving technology education into the world of 'standards-based.'