Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives
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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0402616.

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Project Goals
Goal 1: Develop and disseminate two courses (7-12) and an implementation guide that results in a model for the ITEA standards achievement and CATTS framework.
Goal 2: Create a model for the online delivery of standards-based and CATTS aligned technology education courses.
Goal 3: Create a model technology education implementation that aligns with and creates increased enrollment in post-secondary engineering programs.
Goal 4: Create an online database of ITEA standards-based units and resources.
Project Objectives
Objective 1: Online Teacher Education Model

Design, implement, and document a model of effective, interactive, online teacher training that results in teacher retention and satisfaction.
Objective 2: Develop and Disseminate Classroom Implementable Products
All participating teachers will develop three standards-based products for each of their eight course units. These classroom implementable products will score at least a 2.5 on the rubric and will be shared online.
Objective 3: Articulated Standards-based Engineering Technology Pathway
Create an articulated standards-based engineering technology course series that informs, motivates, and prepares middle and high school students for progressively more sophisticated competencies.